Talking "Tom" Thomas is an anthropomorphic cat who is Mayor.


"I'm what people call a visionary. Some days I wake up and think, 'Let's see, today I'm gonna design a hot air balloon that can land on a passing asteroid.'
Except a hot air balloon can't fly in space...
That's a minor detail. Comments like that prove that you're just not a visionary.
And you're not a scientist.
―Tom and Ben, The Audition, first season


In Talking Friends, his nephew is Ginger.[1]

Early lifeEdit

Tom met Ben 8.3 years ago, at the age of 14. They bumped into each other while using their electronic devices, and became best friends.[2]

Tom and Ben EnterprisesEdit

When they were teenagers, Tom and Ben started a tech company, Tom and Ben Enterprises. They didn't have a proper business plan at the time, however, and just had fun making devices like Boomerang.[3][4]

Notes Edit

  • Tom's love interest and current girlfriend is Angela.
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Tom in the first app

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Tom in Talking Tom 2 and Talking Friends


Tom in Talking Tom and Friends


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