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Bio Edit

Talking Tom was a cat since YEARS ago, In the pilot episode of Talking Tom and his Friends. He wanted to make a audition video just so he can try to convince the Reality TV Producers to give him his own show. But he thought that it didn't turn out great, so he called Santa Claus to do it for him; but obviously refuses; Tom then realised that he can just make his show himself. Tom was so excited!!!

In the first episode, he lost his voice due to the new app they invented for the "So You Think You Can App" App contest. the biggest and most important event of our career.

In the second episode, he released a big update on the Talking Ben App, but it was NOT ready, now there was so angry customers that time, so they had to fix the bugs and also the two guys Gil and Bert sold Gilbert The Telephone to Talking Tom and Friends. but Unfortunately, things didn't go well, he couldn't let ANYONE go until they're his friends.

In the third episode, he was at the stage when the dancing robot introduced a new thing called "The Con-Con-Compu-Con-Con-Con!" also known as: "Con Conceptualized" [under construction at the moment.]

In the fourth episode, he was supposed to go to Angela's but eventually comes up with some sort of crazy idea to make him and his crew not show to Angela's Show!

In the fifth episode, Ben eventually ended up being magnetic and the team were having a big contest.

In the sixth episode, He had to deal with Angela wearing her scarf.

Personality Edit

You can tell that Talking Tom is sometimes known to be a cool cat, he is kind, friendly, he can have a mean side sometimes, but he likes to be on his good side, He loves to get to work with his best friend and business partner, Ben! He can be a little tiny bit cheeky sometimes. He might have his flaws, but he might come through in the end. [sometimes by doing something crazy and dangerous.] [This was mentioned in "A Secret Worth Keeping: Part One"] He NEVER EVER wants to let anyone down. He also really loves his girlfriend, Angela! and loves playing with his nephew, Ginger! And his roommate Hank! He can also come up with a sort of crazy plan and try to make it work. But there is fails at that sometimes, But he still has a lot of ideas and loves to work on them with their company: "Tom & Ben Enterprises"!

Relatives & FriendsEdit

Ginger - Tom's nephew.

Ben - Tom's childhood best friend and business partner.

Angela - Tom's childhood girlfriend. 

Hank - Tom's roommate.

Appearances Edit

Talking Tom & Friends Episodes Edit

The Audition, Untalking Tom, Friendly Customer Service, Future Tron, Assertive App, Magnetic Ben, Angela's Scarf, Ben's High Score, Strategic Hot Mess, Man on the Moon (Part 1), Man on the Moon (Part 2),

App Appearences Edit

Main Appearences Edit

Guest Appearences Edit

Talking Tom Shorts Edit

Tangled In Space, Hank's Glasses,

Quotes Edit

Episode 1 - [[[Untalking Tom]]]

- "This is our year! Were gonna kill it at the, uh, the big contest thing!"

-"OK, So here's the plan: When they introduce me first, I'm gonna run across the stage with my hand to my ear like "I can't heeeeear you!" [ECHOING] Then, I'll chicken-walk to the side of the stage, but, I'll go too far, See? Then when the audience is like: "Where is Talking Tom going?" I'll spin-- and moonwalk right back to center stage!"

-"Yeah, yeah, whatever..."

-"Do you worry about a phone thief getting all of your private information... well, your worries are over thanks to our new Shockingly Secure Anti-Theft App!"

-"Here's how it works..."

-"Ow! Wo-o-o-o-ow!"

-"Oh, Hi, Uh, my name is Talking Tom. and, uh, uh-- Ben tasered my neck area..."


-"Stop talking!?"

-"Can't I talk today? And then just not talk tomorrow?" [COUGHS]

Voice ActorsEdit

Personal InfoEdit

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Born: August 18, 1994

Eye color: Green


App icons & screens Edit

Screenshots from Talking Friends Edit

Post cards from Tom`s Love Letters Edit

Talking Tom Shorts Edit

Talking Tom and Friends Edit

Talking Tom And Friends [Original Logo]

Other Edit


Go to the Frc115 wiki. Type in "Talking Tom" and there is a page about him.

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