Bio Edit

"I'm what people call a visionary. Some days I wake up and think, 'Let's see, today I'm gonna design a hot air balloon that can land on a passing asteroid.'
Except a hot air balloon can't fly in space...
That's a minor detail. Comments like that prove that you're just not a visionary.
And you're not a scientist.
―Tom and Ben, The Audition, first season[src]
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Personality Edit

Talking Tom is a cool, moody, charming, and also a charismatic guy. He always doesn't want to disappoint anyone or hurt anyone's feelings. Sometimes, when he's near his girlfriend, Angela, he always acts very weird, cool, moody, and charming around her.

Tom normally works with his best friend and business partner, Ben, and they both work to create new inventions, apps, always coming up with new, cool ideas and work on their company called Tom and Ben Enterprises. He also hates if angela is in love with someone else.


  • Ginger - Tom's young friend.
  • Ben - Tom's business partner.

Notes Edit

  • Tom is the same age as Ben; 22.
  • Even though he never wears overalls, he is sometimes seen putting his phone in a pocket, even though the pocket is not seen or visible.
  • Tom is very cool in most episodes e.g. Every girls dream and dumb e.g Lost friend Will Z.

First and last Appearances Edit

Tom's first appearance was The Audition. His last was Bye, Bye, Bongo.

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