Talking friends movie is a movie who cloud show him Tom as arty lord tom wizard name gizzard lazy Sunday girl super heroes zerroman zi kerfs Heros tommy dragon man seatom astronaut giraffee knight bling 2002 nba all stars basketball superman zero ice cream man pirate cat glass of tom ghost Lincoln Tom,s ghost ninja golden man jelly cat bad cat cop/good cat cop army robot cat police president business lord business Tom Rambo cat and princess babs the unicorn cat Ben as robot manger Angela as cat AngelaBot

Quotes Edit

Gizzard:he's coming cover your butts Kingship:ever what Lord Business tom:hahaha [and it's zooms in] gizzard! Gizzard:lord business tom Lord business tom:robots destroy him Robot:yes Tom Gizzard:robots we'll be no aviation action owl attack my eyes Lord Tom business:one most power supercheats ow the kragle haha [closed] Robot:I will kick you Lord tom business:oh was get Stumpy now Gizzard:wait was is preachy was spacial a face of grey who mark who piece of recounts we'll be mastertom Lord tom:who was live who lived up [he kicks] the special own what bunch of hippy dippy ham! [at the room 8 1/2 years later and wake up and zooms out] Arty McCormick:yawns ah good morning everybody ready start the day dddddd and here re is how to greasing every and good day step one jump [jumpsover] step 2 keep silme every live up [crowd] step 3 shower oh rights to ruhhhhhh cone up you're hair brush your teeth step 4 air clothes oh ok no nope no nope and that's it step 5 eat your breakfast and go your family [at the Kenny's living room] hello Kenny do you watch your tv me too President tom:hey I am president tom and I'm welcome your own don't get the taco Tuesday coming up next it's the mikes big show good bye Arty McCormick:what there is you're bunch. Of sleep! Ben TV show:it's the mikes big show featuring Matt stone lady's and gentleman one of the it's a mike wade Mike wade:hello it's me mike Crowed:mike wade Arty McCormick:hahahhahahah op [fail] than him come in Step 6 greet your friends hello moonrise hello lady post hello Mickey mica lucky jar fully step 7 music any one fingerbang oh I love this song [fingerbang song] step 8 Wendy's Wendy's:hello Arty McCormick:oh bang chela out see mikes big last night ok [fingerbang last song] i sing is in 5 hours [5 HOURS LATER] [last song of fingerbang] fingerbang bang [jumpy too] yay Builder:Tom oh crazes Arty:oh I love this song Arty:no wait guys ok and if you see will [whoosh] I think heard the whoosh if see well I that think saw geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee [jump heard!it] no wait Thea now ahahahahahahhahahhahahahagahahaha Woo wow ow oh that ow ow ow ow ow Voice of piece of the arguing:touch the piece Arty:I think was movie in action [walk away and. His friend and touch it] Gizzard:was special who make piece of the arguing found while it's was a him good idea what's special That Bad tom cop:wake up [arty lives] what you found is Arty:what

plot Edit

Who screwy. At Wizard is name Gizzard He's is coming At screens lord business tom is raded And falls At the morning That's is outfit7 tv show the mikes big show after he laughs Cars gets Loves an falls Bad cat cop gets scrawled again Darby dramas Darby Damn Old west tom gets to here That's a transformed This lord tom in a window beats first time Piano gets tops Wrote a Browne Brain got the shack What zooms Flies away He train away A slows down He rescues boyfriend Middle minecraft is here Land stories is name babs who gets a all tom as Charters movies Kenny and Stan and Kyle and jimmy and butters who is a chats to him I am pirate cat who sees a Arty McCormick has asking to him pirate cat Got to spheres has getting here ever again think tank attack his head the here the ship goes out asking seatom pirate cat leaving a imaginationland and Lincoln files away And he walks up the he throws the golf ball into dome Who superman says its orb of titeists the moment bad cat cop and his army robot cat crashes imaginationland in their aircraft and odd shoots zero mobile and explodes jumpers jet shoots and explodes Attacks bad cat cop,s robot cat army hits the aircraft basketball shoots her aircraft shoot the chew gun who ow lazy sundry girl hit the army cat robots Zeroman robot army tom ow ow ow and he shoots imaginationland and he chases and name tommy and build the spaceship and falls apart and build weird submarine and underwater falling and destroy a imaginationaland he go to think tank outfit7 tower and sees home destroyed he's a couch and submarine explodes and outfit7 tower used and water used the couch we see the ship. And a transformed into music you're best friend and he zooms in and turns back hyperdrive factory Star Wars eaten by asteroid worm and back the ship outfit7 tower and robot destroy and death And he falls arty falls down and mikes big show is over spaceship had files out and arty falls down and at the Kenny's house this is arty doll who smash and eats And too many robodog mangers and arty doll goes in table Stuart McCormick tried to Kenny's too such we'll be find magic patrol and he's files away arty transformed into a menchamaster he babs are rage and you did it Stuart and Kenny time for dinner who a master tom ufo and letters are talking arty says oh man Tom gasp and the end and end credits

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