Talking Tom and Friends is an animated series (or reality show, as Tom calls it in the pilot episode of the series) by Outfit7. It has a Season 1 of 52 episodes so far and a miniseries of 8. The series began on Apr 30, 2015. On Dec 23, 2014, the Christmas Audition (otherwise known as the pilot) began. On the day "Man on the Moon" aired, which was August 13, 2015, the series was on a mid-season break. The series came back to YouTube on October 8, 2015, starting with the episode, "Man on the Moon 2". Live Streams are created, in which every episode is played back over and over again.

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Talking Tom and Friends (Tom, Angela, Ben, Hank, Ginger) are constantly making plans to reach fame and fortune, but they always seem to backfire somehow. 

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Talking Tom and Friends Episodes
Season 1

"The Audition" "Untalking Tom" "Friendly Customer Service" "Future Tron" "Assertive App" "Magnetic Ben" "Angela's Scarf" "Ben's High Score" "Strategic Hot Mess" "Man on the Moon" "Man on the Moon 2" "Hank the Millionaire" "App-y Halloween!" "Big Ben" "Think Hank" "The Germinator" "Hank the Director" "Glove Phone" "Ping Pong Wizard" "Doc Hank" "Angela's Heckler" "Blanket Fort" "CEO in Trouble" "The Perfect Roommate" "The Contest" "Angela's Critic" "The Perfect Day" "Tom's Love Song" "Ghost Pirate Hunting" "Tennis Kid" "Every Girl's Dream" "Lost Friend Will Zee" "Angela's Critic" "Jetpack Ninja" "Online Romance" "Friends Forever" "Daddy Ben" "The Famous Monster" "Heatwave" "Germinator 2: Zombies" "Angela the Cheerleader" "Hank's New Job" "Parallel Universe" "Love Formula" "Funny Robot Galileo" "The Voice Switch" "Poker Face" "Museum Madness" "Embarrassing Memories" "A Secret Worth Keeping: Part One" "A Secret Worth Keeping: Part Two" "A Secret Worth Keeping: Part Three"

Season 2

"Forgotten Kiss" "Extreme First Date" "Just Friends" "Couples Clash (Part 1)" "Couples Clash (Part 2)" "The Backup Genius" "The Cool and the Nerd" "The Sabotage" "Vote for Tom!" "Happy Town" "The Nerd Club" "Taco Spaghetti Burger" "Double Date Disaster" "Email Fail" "Babysitter Tom" "Garage Feast Day" "Back to School" "The Love Ride" "Bye, Bye, Bongo" "Space Conflicts VIII"

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  • Spanish - Hablando con Tom y amigos
  • Portuguese - Falando Tom e Amigos
  • Russian - Говорящий Том и друзья
  • Polish - Gadający Tom i Przyjaciele

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