Talking Tom & Ben News is an app available In iTunes App Store for free. It is the Talking Friends app, and it features Tom and Ben in the news room. Ben also appear in Talking Tom 2 and Talking Ben. It was released in 2012.

Features Edit

Free FeaturesEdit

  • Ben uses a boxing glove gun to knock Tom.
  • Ben uses a toy dart gun to Tom or miss the target!
  • Sword button to make Tom and Ben wrestle.


  • Tom uses a water pistol at Ben
  • Tom uses an air horn to honk at Ben.
  • Tom will use a toy blow gun at Ben.

When You Don't InteractEdit

  • A dust flies at the news table and Ben wiped it off.
  • Tom and Ben are waiting and sits normally.
  • Tom will say 'And now a word from our sponsor!' and the ad will appear if online.