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Talking Tom Cat for iPad

Talking Tom is an app available in the iTunes App Store for free. It is also the first Talking Friends app, and it features the series’ flagship character, Talking Tom. Tom also appears in Talking Tom 2 and Talking Tom & Ben News. The app also introduces Larry the Bird, who would later get his own app.


Free FeaturesEdit

  • Tom drinks a carton of milk.
  • Tom scratches the screen.
  • Tom repeats what you say in a high-pitched voice.


  • Tom flatulates (farts).
  • Tom throws a pie at you.
  • Tom catches Larry the Bird.
  • Tom plays the cymbals.

When You Don't InteractEdit

  • Tom yawns.
  • Tom sneezes.

Other FeaturesEdit

  • You slap Tom and sometimes he falls unconscious on the ground.
  • You Stroke hum on his tummy or face and he purrs.
  • You poke his tummy and he makes a sickly noise.
  • You pull his tail and he screams.
  • You poke his feet and he yelps.

Voiced byEdit


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