Rex is a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur who appears in the apps, Talking Rex, Talking Santa, and Talking Angela.


In the app, Rex is a brown-colored T-Rex who fights other dinosaurs. He likes steak.


  • In Talking Angela when Angela drinks the Scary Slurp, Rex appears, roaring at the camera in a jungle, parodying a jumpscare.
  • Talking Rex is voiced by Leena Earth. he is also appeared in his own show called : the Advtures of the talking t rex. about the life of rex and how he got nice. he was trained by baby hippo that use to hate rex she kept rex as a pet at her island. she loves rex. rex and baby hippo have a friend who is version 2 of gina a gingers second toy graffie. who is alive who is a female her name is unkown but nobody knows why she is called silly gina. ginger gave her to baby hippo. also baby hippos well loved toy is alive is a unkown animal female named tiwlghts marcy twirl. hippos little sister is bossy named amy hip hop who has a well loved alive toy pladipous pladdy. rex has a better home know.

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