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Talking Tom and Friends is a animated series by Outfit7.

Talking Tom and FriendsEdit

These characters, created by Outfit7 in Apple Store were in a short show in Disney Channel! There are many apps that go along with this collection a: Tom, Ben, Pierre, Ginger, Gina, and Angela. This show appeared every Friday on Disney Channel.

Then on 2015, OutFit7 created Talking Tom and Friends, an animated series with several changes: Tom and Ben work for a company of their own, Ginger starts more pranks, Pierre does not appear, though mentioned in one of Angela's videos and Hank was introduced.

Story of the Talking FriendsEdit

The Talking Friends is a group of apps which consists of funny and cute little characters, who repeats everything you say! Meet Tom cat, Ben the dog, Angela the flirt, Ginger the kitty, Pierre the parrot and Hank the TV Fan! Funny, crazy, cute and adorable! 

But wait, there's more Talking apps by Outfit7! Talking Rex the T-Rex, Talking Lila the Fairy, Talking Roby the Robot and more! But they don't belong to the gang of Tom.

Disney makes more and more episodes, some of the written episodes are here! Just click on Angela, Tom, Gina, Pierre, Ben or Ginger to see the written form of their starred episodes! 

Meet the Talking FriendsEdit

Tom - A very cool cat, with great personality, but the thing is, Tom is very vain. Voiced by Colin Hanks

Ben - Tom's very best friend. Loves Science and Technology. Voiced by James Adomian

Ginger - Tom's nephew. An adorably annoying kitty, sometimes. ;) Voiced by Maria Bamford

Gina - Ginger's toy giraffe at some of the episodes. A caring den mother to her baby giraffes, but er, haven't grown up yet.

Pierre - A funny and mischievous talkative little parrot. Another very annoying character who loves gaming and gadgets. Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker

Angela - The 'superstar', as said by everybody. Beautiful on the outside, on the inside, beautiful. Voiced by Lisa Schwartz

Hank - Loves TV Shows like Bongo and McGillyCuddy. Friends with Ginger. Voiced by Tom Kenny


talking friends logo.


-In Ben's High Score, an Eye of the Tiger-like song plays.

Weekly PollEdit


"Do you think it will be a good idea to have a talking friends movie called Talking Friends the movie?

Fanon Wiki and Written EpisodesEdit

Talking Friends Fanon Wiki just came out. It is right here. Check it out! It has some of the episodes; and the story is written for you!

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