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Talking Baby Hippo is From Talking Friends series she and Flippy are twins.

How to Use Talking Baby HippoEdit

  • Talking to the Baby Hippo and she will repeat everything you say with her baby voice.
  • Tickle her and she will laugh.
  • Poke her and in the nose or ears and she will not like it.
  • Give her a carrot to eat (this will be used in Talking Gina again)
  • Make her blow a balloon.
  • Give her a pacifier.
  • Send her a butterfly and watch her reaction.
  • Record funny videos.



  • It is unknown who her parents are. Only she is known about, and unknown if her relatives are confirmed as characters. she has relatives in my talking hank. pigmy hippo, hip hop , sweet lady hippo , and normal hippo. she is friends with a doll named twilight. she also has a friend who is a part two of gina. her name is silly gina. ( ginger gave baby hippo silly gina ) baby hippo has a friend who is a also her little sister, maybe bossy her name is amy hip hop. amy hip hop has a well loved alive toy just like gina or silly gina or twilight. amy hip hop has alive toy platypus named pladdy ( baby hippos old toy ) and most of all baby hippos pet is rex! who is now nice and that's the good news. thanks to baby hippo who changed talking rex to nice. this was in real tv series. called the happy life of a t rex and friends. or known as talking friends vol. 2 ( the dino and the purple hippo)

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