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Talking Angela (app)

The Talking Angela icon.

Talking Angela is a video game app released on January 11, 2013 and published by Outfit7.

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Internet personal information hoax Edit

In February 2013, a hoax spread that the Talking Angela app used questions through chatbot mode to find children playing the app's location. The rumor, widely circulated through Facebook, claims that Angela asks the player personal questions using the text-chat feature. The feature is turned off when child mode is turned on. Other versions of the rumor say that children can disappear due to the app. It was debunked by The hoax was revived in 2014, which led to the app making its way into the top 10 most downloaded iPhone apps. The revival of the hoax prompted Snopes to debunk it again. In 2016, Outfit7 removed the chat feature of the app, possibly to not prompt any more controversies.