Season 2


Lee Stringer, Fernando Pomares, Eric Cazes, Philipp Seis


Outfit7 Limited and arx anima


Colin Hanks, James Adomian, Tom Kenny, Lisa Schwartz, Maria Bamford, Dave Willis, Brian Stack, Robin Reed

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The second season of the Talking Tom and Friends animation series started airing in 2017. It Has 26 Episodes

Episodes Edit

Screenshot Title Directed by Release date Episode number #
ForgottenKiss29 "Forgotten Kiss"Lee Stringer 15th June 2017 #01
Tom and the gang's memories were erased by Ben's latest invention; the mind eraser.
"Extreme First Date" Fernado Pomares 22th June 2017 #02
Tom was setting up his extreme ask out, when things end up turning out not exactly as planned.
JustFriends38 Just Friends Eric Cazes 29th June 2017 #03
Tom, Angela, Hank, and Ginger go to a friend event at a carnival.
"Couples Clash (Part 1)" Lee Stringer and Philipp Seis 13th July 2017 #04
Tom and Angela were turning out to be a good couple, until Ben burnt his hands and he, Ginger move up higher than Tom and Angela on the trending board.
"Couples Clash (Part 2)" Eric Cazes 20th July 2017 #05
Tom and Angela are competing with Ben and Xenon to determine who's a better couple. When Ben and Xenon buzz so quickly on the buzzer, they both keep winning, and Tom and Angela broke up, until Ben and Xenon finally admit the truth that they cheated on Couple Clash.
"The Backup Genius" Lee Stringer 27th July 2017 #06
Ben has been working on e-Levator levitating boots when he hits his head. He decides he needs an assistant to share his knowledge, and recruits Darren, Ginger's bratty and snotty rival from the tennis episode. Darren flatters Tom, Hank, and Angela, and later upstages Ginger in offering tickets to a local event. Frustrated, Ginger throws the boots and leaves. Darren offers to fix them while Tom, Angela, Ben, and Hank attend the event, but when they return, they find that Darren has stolen the boots and gave them to his uncle, who is the CEO. However, Ben is still able to control the boots, and teaches both the CEO and Darren a lesson. Ben promises to reconcile with Ginger, whom he had falsely accused of stealing the boots.
"The Cool and the Nerd" Eric Cazes 3rd August 2017 #07
Will Zee flashback The Nerd Tom and friends Online Doctor, Ginger flashbaack Darren.
TheSabotage17 "The Sabotage" Ferando Pemares 10th August 2017 #08
Tom and Ginger eyes Angela motorbike and Mr CEO The Sabatage Motorbike. Ginger head bike Hank and Ben. Mr CEO champion Tom, Angela and Ben behind the Bruskes. Hank and Ginger motorbike He says, Wheels motorbike, CEO for mayors. Tom, CEO calls mayors. Tom and Ben, song "Everbody say Yes".

Cast Edit