Round 1 is the sixth short of My Talking Tom


the short episode begins the clone of Talking Tom (There is 2 Tom Cats). 1st Tom he makes the which's hat appears on his head and puts which's magic. 1st Tom zac 2nd Tom (But the zig-zag was in 2nd Tom was an skeleton with an nightmare over (without the 1st Tom screaming). 2nd Tom got burned and he gets knights. 1st Tom sings loud with an microphone at 2nd Tom and he got blown away. 2nd Tom is an police man (The 1st Tom has a Moose's ears and grows and get blocked by 2nd Tom by hiting) and runs away. 2nd Tom has the hair and tree knife (1st Tom makes thing on his head:

  1. Christmas
  2. Girl's Hair
  3. Dragon

2nd Tom started laughing at 1st Tom. 1st Tom puts a fire on 2nd Tom (His eyes is shown on the fire) with the nightmare over then before


In Other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Portuguese Primierio Round First Round
Russian Первый раунд First Round
Spanish Primer Round First Round
Japanese ラウンド1 Round 1
Korean 제1라운드 1st Round