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pierrie appearing as character in show.

Full name

Pierre piercie polly the parrot

Eye color

Sea-wave blue




Tom, Angela, Ginger, Ben hank ( sometimes) gina

First Appearance

Attack of the Tech

Last Appearance

Tom After Tom

Voiced By

Keith Ferguson

app 1st appeared

talking pierrie




video games, sleeping, repeating, pranking with ginger, rock music, being alone, cool dudes.

Pierre's Appearances Edit

Pierre appears in the Disney show "Talking Friends." In the show, he is depicted as an avid video gamer who doesn't like to be bothered. Pierre has a slightly short temper and is very unhappy when he is waken up or offended. However, Pierre still is compassionate, as shown in Episodes 3 and 4 when he rescued Ginger using his power of flight and when he deactivated the Newserator, respectively. He also seems to be occasionally sarcastic, as in episode one when he states, "No, we're going to invite it over for pizza, and braid it's wires!" Pierre seems to be an oversleeper in the show, and a good recorder.

In the app called Talking Pierre, Pierre seems to be the main antagonist as he smashes the cup, throws a fork, apple and makes a mess in Tom's house.

Quotes (from Talking Friends Cartoons)Edit

Episode 1

-"Take that, newt!"

-"Cool! That was so realistic!"

-"Dude, I see that."


-"This is totally cool!"

-"My tent! Now, that is not cool!"

-"Tom, isn't that your car?"

-"So, what's the idea, dudes? Why did you make a Hunger-Crazed robot?"

-"No! We're going to invite it over for pizza and braid its wires."


Episode 2

-"You footballed me!"

-"Fore means watch out in golf! You footballed me! You should have said hike!"

-"Oh, come on!"



-"Yeah, don't worry about me. I'm totally fine. I'll just be molting over here. Alone, under the bleachers."


App screenshots Edit

Screenshots from Talking Friends Edit

Other Edit

Voiced byEdit

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