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Outfit7, best known for its flagship entertainment brand Talking Tom and Friends, was founded by a group of entrepreneurs in 2009. Led by CEO and co-founder Samo Login, Outfit7 created Talking Tom in 2010 and as of December 2017 there are five characters (Tom, Angela, Ben, Hank, and Ginger.

Talking Tom and Friends is lauded as the fastest entertainment app series to reach 300 million downloads; this was achieved just 19 months after its launch. The app franchise then went on to hit one billion downloads in June 2013 and in February 2014 it was announced that the apps had reached 1.5 billion downloads globally and had more monthly users than Twitter. By 2017, the app franchise had 7 billion downloads. Outfit7’s free-to-download Talking Tom and Friends apps have been downloaded in over 230 countries and territories worldwide, from North Korea to Vatican City.

A favorite of Jeffrey Katzenberg and featured on ABC’s Modern Family, the Talking Tom and Friends apps have been praised for their successful combination of unique humor, creativity and self-expression. Users can tickle, poke and talk to the fully animated 3D characters that then repeat the words back in their own voice and, in the My Talking Tom app, fans can customize and care for their very own Talking Tom.

Now, Outfit7 have four animated series and chart-topping YouTube singles.

Development Edit

In 2009 a group of eight entrepreneurs decided that they wanted to create unique entertainment apps that were fun, engaging and interactive. They formed Outfit7 and with their extensive online and digital media experience they combined creativity and quality with Talking Tom in 2010, the first of the apps in the Talking Tom and Friends series.

The architect behind Talking Tom, Outfit7’s CEO and co-founder Samo Login, previously worked for the Slovenian search engine portal

History Edit

Outfit7 was founded in 2009 by Samo and Iza Login. They earlier tried to develop a football app and a travel guide, but decided on a children's app called Talking Tom Cat. The app was an instant hit, and they made a spin-off, called Talking Ben the Dog and a sequel called Talking Tom 2. The apps spawned four animated series and a feature film in production with Mythology Entertainment.

Acquisition by Chinese investors Edit

The Logins were hoping for a lucrative deal to sell their company. In January 2017 there were press releases that said that Outfit7 had been sold to the United Luck Consortium for $1,000,000,000. However, four days later, another press release stated that United Luck had sold Outfit7 to Zhejiang Jinke Peroxide Company.