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Hank is a major character in Talking Tom and Friends and is the sixth character to be introduced in the Talking Friends media app franchise by Outfit7.

Personality Edit

Hank is portrayed as a dim-witted person who occasionally doesn't get any jokes said by the other characters, or has a delayed reaction to them.||His dim-witted nature often makes a situation a little more humorous than it originally was and makes comments that are witty in nature. However , he is shown to have great potential , that he don't realise, such as when he became a millionare in ' Hank the millionaire! ' Hank also shows attributes of childish nature when he plays all sorts of role games with Ginger, who he sometimes finds annoying and try to boss him, like being kings, ghost busters, and superheroes. These usual endeavors result in the other gang members being annoyed and then in the end becoming part of it.

Appearance Edit

Hank is a white, blue spotted dog, possibly a Beagle, with brown eyes, and, like the majority of the characters, he doesn't wear clothes throughout most of the show.


Ben - close friend

Angela - friend

Tom - close friend

Ginger - close friend

Bongo and Mcgillicuddy - favorite characters and friends

Landlord - Usually an anti-hero, who Hank awkwardly respects as a real lord!

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  • He enjoys watching Dan the Dentist and His Mustache.
  • His favorite TV show is Bongo and Magillicuddy. He is seen watching this show most of the time. In Bye Bye Bongo, He went inside the TV using Ben's invention to save the show from being ended.

Appearances Edit