Eye color

Dark brown




Tom, Angela, Ginger, Ben

First Appearance

The audition

Voiced By

Tom Kenny

Hank is a blue-and-white dog who is mostly Tom's roommate and Ginger's role model.


His favorite show is Bongo and McGillyCuddy, but in the episode, "Think Hank", he watches Dan the Dentist and Mike and His Moustache. he is really mean to ginger and ben sometimes and sometimes tom and Angela. and most of all hank gets mad at hank 


Pierre - friend

Tom -best friend

Ben - best friend

Angela - best friend

Ginger - best friend and role model

App AppearancesEdit

Unlike Tom and Friends, Hank didn`t have his own app to appear on. His first appearance is known in Talking Tom and Friends pilot film called Christmas audition. His first app appearance is My Talking Hank, where he is portrayed as the main star.

Anyway, Hank was appeared in apps: Talking Tom Bubble Shooter,Talking Tom Gold Run and My Talking Hank.

Voice ActorsEdit


  • Hank's US/UK voice actor, Tom Kenny, has voiced various characters (such as SpongeBob and Gary) in the popular TV show, SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Hank's Italian voice actor, Tiziana Martello, has voiced Daniel Tiger in Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood.
  • He is left-handed.
  • His favorite TV show is "Bong and Migilicudy".
  • He is Tom's roommate.

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