Hank is a blue-and-white dog who is Tom's roommate.


His favorite show is Bongo and Mcgillicuddy, but in the episode, "Think Hank", he watches Dan the Dentist and Mike and his Moustache. He is quite silly, and occasionally bad-natured, but is still sweet at heart. he used to live in France and his middle name is Hank but French Honk in season 1 episode 42 Hank is a singer    



Ben - best friend

Angela - best friend

Tom - best friend

Ginger - best friend


Hank's first appearance was in Talking Tom and Friends. He didn't have his own app at the time of the show's pilot. His first appearance in apps was Talking Tom Bubble Shooter. He then reappeared in My Talking Hank, Talking Tom Gold Run, Talking Tom Camp, and Talking Tom Pool.

List of appsEdit

  • Talking Tom Bubble Shooter (2015)
  • Talking Tom Gold Run (2016)
  • My Talking Hank (2017)
  • Talking Tom Camp (2017)
  • Talking Tom Pool (2017)

Voice ActorsEdit


  • Hank's UK voice actor, Tom Kenny, has voiced various characters in the popular TV show, SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Hank's Italian voice actor, Tiziana Martello, has voiced Daniel Tiger in Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood.
  • His favorite TV show is "Bongo and Magillicuddy".
  • He is Tom's roommate.