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Talking Ginger is one of the main characters in Talking Tom and Friends.

Personality Edit

Ginger is very hysterical, and he can be quite goofy, and sometimes can get into a lot of trouble or go TOO far, but he DOES, MOST DEFINITELY have a GOOD side. Ginger is an really funny cat, and he is the youngest of all the characters in the show. He appeared in the apps named, talking santa, and talking ginger.

When they made the show, Talking Friends, Ginger was made into a main character, and got his own app called talking ginger, which is a fun bedtime app. Ginger loves playing and having fun all day. His qoute in Talking Friends is "again, again, again". Ginger is now 7 in talking tom and friends. In Talking Friends he was 5 for a little while, and then when they made the app talking gingers birthday that is kwon as talking ginger 2, he turned 6. but now he turned 7.


  • Tom - Friend ( uncle)
  • Santa - Friend ( sometimes)
  • Hank - best friend/role model
  • ben - friend ( only when ben gets mad)
  • gina- alive stuffed animal and step mother.
  • pierrie- best friend/ number one pal
  • angela- friend ( toms girl friend and furture wife)

App AppearancesEdit

Ginger is in the apps: Talking Ginger, Talking Ginger's Birthday, Santa meets Ginger, Tom loves Angela, I want to be big and in Talking Friends Superstar because he is available as a superstar toy.


  • Ginger is the youngest on the show.
  • His funniest quote is "I will defeat gravity because it is boring." in episode 6 "Shake That Tail" and talking girls of a time. This episode is only found in Talking Tom series.
  • Most of the apps Ginger is featured in are designated for younger kids and to help them learn.
  • In the episode Jet Pack Cat, Ginger is portrayed as an antagonist trying to destroy Tom and Ben's jet pack. But later Ginger redeemed himself in the end of the episode.
  • In talking friends he is toms nephew but in talking tom and friends they're are next door nieghbors .
  • Ginger is the only one who has 2 personal apps, Talking Ginger & Talking Ginger 2.
  • Here is some modifications reduced during the series:
    • In Talking Ginger 2, his skin became a little brighter than in the main Talking Ginger app.

Quotes (from Talking Friends)Edit

Episode 1Edit

  • "Tom and Ben made a new robot!"
  • "Ooh! Tumbleweed!"
  • "Then, it will eat my broccoli for me?"
  • "Me & Gina love you robot."
  • "That was...AWESOME! Again, again!"

Episode 2Edit

  • "Did someone yell hike and fore?"
  • "Holy catnip Ben"
  • "You're a genius!"
  • "I love ea...ew! You're gross!"
  • "That`s four words..."
  • "It`s perfect!
  • "Red touch! It`s back!"
  • "Hey! I`m taking gymnastics."
  • "So what`s it called?"

Episode 3Edit

  • "I saw Tom flying like a catbird!"
  • "I want to fly..."
  • "They didn't say you coudn't touch it, Gina. Now, which button to press?"
  • "I'll help to fix it."

Episode 4Edit

  • "Oh, uncle! I wanna ride next! Me, me, me, me, me next!"
  • "Uncle, are we gonna be on the news tonight?"

Episode 5

  • "Go time! Whee-hoooo.. Ah! Smokey, smokey! (runs to Tom) I wanna fame a pink car."
  • "Eow! You`re trowing on me."
  • "Tom and Angela sitting on the tree..."
  • (in closed mouth) "Nice to meet you!"
  • "Cool!"
  • "My insides are shaking."
  • (with Pierre) "Cool!!!"
  • "Tom and Angela sitting on the tree, (in closed mouth) K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

Episode 6

  • "Kitties and gentledogs, today I, Ginger the Great, will be fit gravity because gravity is boring. (to Gina) You`re getting this, Gina? (to viewers) Watch as I`m bouncing into the air and then staying there!"
  • "Define gravity."
  • "Angela!"
  • "The ground is alive!"
  • "I see that you did it, Ben, you killed gravity!"
  • "Whee-hoo, I`m living on dream!"

Episode 7

  • "Catch, uncle!" (throws a ball to Tom) Play with me, play with me!"
  • "You never play with me."
  • "Oh mine. Whe-hoo!" (runs for a bug)
  • "Play with me!" (3x)
  • "Uncle, you were so many of you, but... I couldn`t find where really you."
  • "Oh mine!!!" (cathes to Tom)

Episode 10

  • "Can I push the button?"
  • "Lentils?"
  • "Eww." (with Angela)
  • "It's all black and white? I'm out."
  • "Me too!"

Says Hello In Different LanguagesEdit

Talking Ginger Says Hello

Talking Ginger Says Hello 2

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