Talking Ginger is a cute,loveable cat who is voiced by Maria Bamford.

Personality Edit

Ginger can be very annoying and often dangerous, but he has a good side. Even though he enjoys being almost evil, he can still be sympathetic to people he notices are very hurt.

Notes Edit

  • Ginger is the youngest on the show.
  • Most of the apps Ginger is featured in are designed for younger kids and to help them learn.
  • In the Talking Friends show, he is Tom's nephew. In Talking Tom and Friends he is usually portrayed as the neighborhood kid, but it is still possible due to a picture that depicts Tom playing with a more visibly younger Ginger.
  • Ginger does not yet have a love interest.

Talking Ginger Says Hello series Edit

Life Edit

Ginger comes from a wealth family due to the fact that he says "My parents are the second richest in town. The CEO is the richest"

Ginger lives in a mansion, whitch is shown in The Glovephone when Tom tries to steal Ginger's glovephone. Ginger has many Butlers and maids that always clean up after hIim.