You Get MeEdit

  • When Tom says "Hey, pussycat!", his fur is old and blurry.
  • When Tom falls down, one of his ears is missing.
    • His head blocked his ear, that's why.
  • When Angela comes to Tom and says "I've got your back", Tom has long ears, looking like a kangaroo.
  • When Gina is kissing Tom, her closed eyes are incorrect.
  • When Tom sees Angela when he holds her ribbon, Angela's eyes are darker white.

Attack of the TechEdit

  • The first time Ginger speaks in this episode, his teeth are not shown.
  • When Pierre's tent is destroyed, Ginger has incorrect eyes.
  • When Ginger says "Me and Gina love you, Robot!", Gina has incorrect hooves.


  • After Ben footballs Pierre, Pierre has an incorrect beak.
  • At Ginger's saying "That's four words", his left eye's in the shape of the half moon.

Jet Pack CatEdit

  • When the female parrot kisses Pierre, she has horns.