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These are the characters in the apps and TV.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Tom - One cool cat
  • Ben - A tech Scientist
  • Hank - Tom's roommate
  • Angela - Tom's girlfriend and a great popstar
  • Ginger - The Prank Master

Secondary charactersEdit

  • Gina - Squeaky toy giraffe 
  • Pierre - Loves video games
  • Santa - The eyes of Nice/Naughty

Other charactersEdit

  • Talking Rex-A dinosaur
  • Roby the Robot-A robot
  • Lila-A fairy
  • Talking Larry the bird-A bird
  • Harry-A hedgehog
  • John-Bacteria
  • Talking Baby Hippo-A hippo
  • Bongo - A street cop with his own rules, main character of Bongo and McGillyCuddy
  • McGillyCuddy - Bongo's orangutan sidekick, main character of Bongo and McGillyCuddy
  • Dr. Internet Doctor - A webcam doctor with real medical effects
  • MC - Appears in "Future Tron", "Hank the Millionare", "Ping Pong Wizard" and "Angela's Heckler"
  • Steve Hobbs - Former partner of techster Steve Bosniak
  • Steve Bosniak - Former partner of techster Steve Hobbs
  • Tom's Landlord - As the name implies, he's Tom's Landlord. Appears in "Ping Pong Wizard" and "The Perfect Roomate".

Mentioned charactersEdit

  • Megan, Kirsten, Jenna - Angela's school mates, never appeared
  • Jack - Angela's dad, never appeared
  • Hermione - Angela's mom, never appeared
  • Ben's Mom - Never appeared but heard in Man on the Moon

Villains Edit

See AlsoEdit

Main D.E.R.P. Characters Edit

Supporting D.E.R.P. Characters Edit

  • Gorilla
  • Zombie
  • Blake Worthington
  • Bungo
  • Johnny T.

Supporting D.E.R.P. Characters (D.E.R.P. Characters not yet confirmed) Edit

  • Unknown - Amos
  • Unknown - Sonny
  • Unknown - Bob-O
  • Unknown - Jack Woods
  • Unknown - Stewart
  • Unknown - Hanzi
  • Unknown - The Wolverine Guy

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