Bongo and McGillyCuddy (though spelt Magillicuddy in the intro) is a show in Talking Tom and Friends. It is Hank's favorite show. Ben and Tom do like it later. (Hanks New Job)


Characters Edit

Bongo - A street cop with his own rules

McGillyCuddy - An orangutan who's Bongo's sidekick

Hank The Director Edit

Bongo and McGillyCuddy appear in Hank the Director, when Hank did something fun and turned into a chore on his birthday. When Hank is recording fan fiction, Bongo is portrayed by Tom and McGillyCuddy by Ben. They also got mentioned in App'y Halloween, Think Hank and Tom's Love Song.

Intro LyricsEdit

Bongo, Bongo and McGillyCuddy


Bongo and McGillyCuddy

2 cops on the beat

Taking it to the street

Going straight to the top

When ape meets cop!

Vocal: Hank

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