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Ben is one of the main characters in Talking Tom and Friends and was the second character introduced through the Talking Friends mobile apps franchise by Outfit7.

Personality Edit

Ben is a chemist in Talking Friends, and does not seem to have any relation to computing in the original series. However, in Talking Tom and Friends, he is still skilled in mathematics, but is also a computer programmer. He also reacts quite rashly when someone damages his things, but is quite friendly.

Appearance Edit

Ben is a brown/tan dog, possibly a Bernedoodle, who, similar to Tom, doesn't wear any clothes.

Family Edit

Voice Actors Edit

Notes Edit

  • He is right-handed.
  • In A Secret Worth Keeping, it is revealed that he is not good at keeping secrets.
  • His favorite movie is "Science the Movie".
  • His favorite type of ice cream is strawberry ice cream, the same as Angela's.
  • Ben's love interest and current girlfriend is Xenon.
  • Ben is 22.

Inventions Edit

 Ray-Ray Edit

Ray Ray is App who that used bursts of microwaves to locate people nearby named Ray.

Cook my Salmon Edit

Is the app that makes your phone so hot and it can cook salmon.

Shockingly Secure Anti-theft App Edit

Is a app who shocks any hackers, actually it works, Tom accidentally touch that app, get shocked and lose his voice, CEO (Carl) touched that app and get shocked too, but not only he lose his voice, he fainted.

Gilbert Edit

A Evil Talking Computer who atends an Friendly Customer Service, but it failed and he don't understand friendship (listen to Angela) and tried to harm Tom, Ben and Angela.

Future Tron 6000 Edit

Is a program who watch anything from Future and when try to change Future, any bad things happens

  • Created by: Ben
  • Appeared in: Future Tron
  • Status: Works but broken (Tom breaks Future Tron 6000 cuz Hank is seen married to Angela in Future)

Sing-like-an-Pro App Edit

Is a App who can sing like any voice who breaks cups, they reprogrammed and made it for hyponizing any peoples

  • Created by: Ben
  • Reprogrammed by: Ben
  • Appeared in: Assertive App
  • Status: Works but broken

Infinite Closet Edit

Is an app with every scarf you can possibly imagine, when any person wears it, the amount of scarfs will Increase

Flappy Tom Edit

This is a mobile app which is an Flappy Bird clone but with Tom , who breaks the record without getting losing you will be popular at all...

Note:It is also based on one of the mini games in My Talking Tom, Flappy tom.

CashKicker Edit

Is a app who have easy way to get Money Free by making video too important and awesome to you want.

  • Created by: Possibly unnamed person
  • Appeared in: Hank the Millionaire
  • Status: Works but no one care

Total TV Immersion Edit

Is a app who you can press that and make your life in TV but with all black and white, and scary things will happen.

Gain-A-Tron Edit

Is a app who can grow your size and decrease your size.

  • Created by: Ben
  • Appeared in: Big Ben
  • Status: Works but broken

Germ Positioning System Edit

Is a app who locates any germs without using that finder, and too can teleport (maybe grow) any germs in location, it tested on Jeremy

Watermelon Launcher Edit

Is Invention who throws Watermelon without needing hands, but army to throw watermelon, Ginger and Hank uses it to play

Hecklematic Edit

Is a app mentioned by Tom

Robot Voice Edit

Is a app who your voice can talk like an Robot. Just a present for Santa

Shake-App Edit

Is a App who you can shake a Milk Shake and drink it virtually.

Hat Lamp TV Edit

Is invention who you put that thing in TV to make it better

  • Created by: Hank (Second invention to not be made by Tom and Ben)
  • Appeared in: The Perfect Roommate
  • Status: Works

Perfect Day Virtual Reality Simulator Edit

Is a invention who you will simulate the day and make any things who don't exist happens (invisible aliens and hat what tom are making)

Sea Captain Simulator Edit

Is a app who you can simulate the Pirate Life.

Jetpack Edit

Is a inventions who you can fly with Jetpack, Rocket more Backpack is Jetpack

FastaPic Edit

Is a dangerous app who you can take photos and gain friends, if you reach 1,000,000 Friends, you will stuck here in phone and don't come back anymore

  • Created by: Unnamed person
  • Appeared in: Online Romance
  • Status: Works but this is dangerous!

Boomerang Edit

Is a Talking Alive Phone who you can take care of that phone every day and hours, stay away of problems and etc. And he calls any person "Dad" and "Daddy, "Mom" and "Mommy" when you own this and create him

  • Created by: Ben
  • Appeared in: Daddy Ben and Garage Feast Day
  • Status: Works (Boomerang's life has over in 4 hours later when he trys to upgrade into Young Adult Mode)

More coming Soon!