IMG 1335

CD disc title card

Attack of the Tech! and other Talking Friends stories. (Meaning) Attack of the Tech! and other stories.

(C)2012 Disney and John's iTunes Company Inc.

Only five Season 1 episodes

Only 8-parts of these Season 1

1. Start the Menu

2. Attack of the Tech (pilot episode) (Part 1)

3. Attack of the Tech (pilot episode) (Part 2)

4. Foolf

5. Jet Pack Cat (Part 1)

6. Jet Pack Cat (Part 2)

7. Newserator (Part 1)

8. Newserator (Part 2)

9. Rock the Catsbah (Part 1)

10. Rock the Catsbah (Part 2)

11. End the Menu


Newserator (Part 1) is ending and his muffled Newserator (Part 2) at the beginning.

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