Angry Parrots is the ninth episode of Talking Friends.

Talking Friends - Talking Friends Ep9 Angry Parrots

Talking Friends - Talking Friends Ep9 Angry Parrots


Plot Edit

Tom and Ben were at the newsroom reporting live on TV. They reported that “all hair balls were caused by extra-terestrials.” and ”Where rain comes from.” and even did a brief fight before Ginger found out that the signal was dead, and all because Pierre had stopped pedaling above.

On the rooftop, Pierre was playing “Zombie BrainSuckers” on his portable console, shooting the undead with tomatoes. Tom came up and told him to keep pedaling, but Pierre was focused on his game. He had been playing it for 2 days and still hadn’t saved the princess in-game. Tom kept telling him to keep pedalling, but Pierre looked at him through his screen, and mistook Tom for a zombie. He spat seeds at him, while in-game, he threw a tomato.

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