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Tom and Angela - You Get Me (from Talking Friends)

Tom and Angela - You Get Me (from Talking Friends)

Talking Angela is one of the main characters in Outfit7's Talking Tom and Friends media franchise. She is the protagonist of Tom Loves Angela, Talking Angela, My Talking Angela, Talking Friends, and Talking Tom and Friends.

Appearance Edit

Angela's appearance has a female look. She has big deep blue eyes, white fur with a light pink tint to it, small pink nose, long white whiskers, mascara outline around her eyes, and she has a slender feminine body, and a fluffy long white tail. In Talking Tom and Friends, she wears a pink T-shirt with a white heart in the center and blue denim shorts, but in the Talking Friends series she's has fur.

Friends Edit

Tom (boyfriend)




Notes Edit

  • Her favourite type of ice cream is strawberry, the same as Ben
  • Her favorite type of cake is chocolate raspberry.
  • Her birthday is in May, as Ben wonders "why it is so cold in August", and they had their memories erased for the previous three months, right after celebrating Angela's birthday.
  • Angela's love interest and current boyfriend is Tom.